Value of Human Placental Extract (HPE)

Human Placental Extract (HPE) Preclinical Milestones & Timeline

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Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Pre-Clinical Efficacy

Reduction in NEC disease severity and number of affected regions in the gut with pre-treatment in a preclinical model of NEC.[1]

Mimicking Nature

High yield, consistent concentrations of proliferative, maturation, and immunomodulatory factors necessary to drive gut development.[1][3]


Compilation of naturally existing proteins needed during normal development in utero, and no safety or tolerability incidences during preclinical evaluation to preclude the use of HPE among babies at risk for NEC.

Lower Hospital Costs

Cost analysis of Neonatal ICU cost of care show reduced time in the NICU, fewer surgeries, and lower long-term comprehensive care for affected neonates.[2]


Healthier Cartilage

Reduction in articulating cartilage damage following severe trauma in a preclinical model of ACL tear and meniscus damage. Increased proliferation of chondrocytes & cartilage explants in culture.[1]


High yield, consistent concentrations of proliferative & immunomodulatory factors necessary to drive restore articulating cartilage.[1][4]

High Yield Consistency

Compilation of naturally-derived proteins prevents joint inflammation, unique to steroid, hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma and amniotic fluid.

Lower Hospital Costs

Improved outpatient treatment for joint injuries and prolonging time to joint replacement.[5]

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