Robert Boyce

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Boyce is the CEO of Plakous Therapeutics, Rob has been working in healthcare and life sciences throughout his career. He has been part of several start-up companies. Prior to Plakous Rob was at Imago Systems, Inc., a software as a service medical diagnostic company seeking to redefine the medical imaging.

Michael Francis

Chief Scientific Officer

Michael Francis, PhD is Chief Scientific Officer at Plakous. He earned his PhD in molecular medicine and tissue engineering from University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University. He has over 100 combined patents and publications supporting dozens of clinically used products.

Scott Washburn

Founder, President, and Chief Medical Officer

Scott Washburn, MD is Founder, President, and Medical Director at Plakous. He earned his MD from the University of Arkansas College of Medicine and completed his residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Michael Berger

Senior Product Development Engineer

Michael Berger, PhD is Senior Product Development Engineer at Plakous. He earned his BS and PhD in biomedical engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University focusing on stem cell differentiation, biomaterial characterization, and manufacturing process evaluation for orthopedic and dental applications.

Jenna Hojnacki

Research Associate

Jenna Hojnacki, BS is Research Associate at Plakous. She earned her BS in Biology at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon graduation she worked as the Biology Lab Coordinator at Wofford for two years before joining the Plakous team in 2020.